Banksia Pods Products

Banksia Pods are found in the state of Western Australia, roughly along a line extending from Perth to Denmark, and are generally harvested after April. I currently have a Waiting List (see below) for Whopper Pods.

PLEASE NOTE . . . Though I occasionally get Whopper Pods up to 14-15" in length, they are EXTREMELY RARE. And the larger ones may not be better than the smaller ones in terms of seed hole uniformity, density or diameter/shape. Any pod over 9-1/2" long or > 3-1/2" diameter is Whopper grade. Average size is generally 10-11" with a mixture of some 12" or a bit larger pods.

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Top quality Large Fat Pod (left) versus Whopper Pod . . . Length isn't always most important quality in selecting pods.

Whopper - $25 ea

Large Fat - $20 ea

Select Medium - $18 ea

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Select Medium $18 ea

Up to 8" long
$18 ea

In Stock

4 Available
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Large Fat $20 ea

Up to 9-1/2" long
Up to 3-1/2" diameter
$20 ea

In Stock

80 Available
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Whopper $24 ea

> 9-1/2" long
or > 3-1/2" diameter
$25 ea

Out of Stock

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Some of the roughly 150 Select Medium pods received in a previous order