Products and Services

Below are the products and services offered at Click on the images to view products of interest. If you're looking for something specific or have questions, please don't hesitate to ask . . . Larger, high resolution pictures available upon request.

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    Burl Caps

    Australian Burl Caps
    Australian Burl Block

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    Burl Slabs


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    Table Bases

    Burled Bases
    Aussie Cypress Bases
    Aussie Snakewood Bases

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    Cut Blocks

    Natural Edge Blocks
    Bowl Blanks

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    Pool Cue Blanks

    Pool Cue Blanks
    Snooker Cue Blanks
    Turning Squares
    Call Blank Stock

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    Banksia Pods

    Whopper - $18 ea
    Large Fat - $15 ea
    Select Medium - $12 ea


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    Call Blank Stock

    Call Blank Stock
    Slab Stock

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    Grip Stock

    Gun Grip Stock
    Knife Scale Stock
    Slab Stock

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    Non-Aussie Burls

    Claro Walnut Burl

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    Hybrid Casting Material
    Pen and Small Turning Stock

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    Australian Hardwoods

    Lace Sheoak
    Birdseye Lace Sheoak
    Birdseye Sugar Gum

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    Natural Burl Sculpture

    Stunning work by Mother Nature

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    Strip Cutting
    Slab Sanding

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    Woodworking and Tips

    Tips Gallery
    Client Gallery
    Jim Syvertsen Gallery

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    Coming Soon

    Products from future shipments available for pre-purchase (10% discount) or pre-order ($0 down w/commitment to purchase)