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7/23/2014 I will be on travel in Japan from 7/23 until 8/5.  As always, I will continue to do business away from home, but at a minimum $1.69/min, I'll be trying to limit phonecalls to essential communications. I will have access to email, so don't hesitate to contact me or submit orders. Please understand if I am not as prompt to reply.

7/11/2014 Added CUT BLOCKS HERE and more CUE BLANKS HERE. Posted more CUTOFFS and burls I currently have set aside for my next shipment in COMING SOON.

Click on the link below if you prefer to view just CURRENT INVENTORY

Current Inventory Links

(Caps, Cue Blanks, Cut Blocks, Slabs and Table Bases, Knife Blocks, Scales and Grips)


I have a large crate of 1-3 kg Red Mallee (only partially filled in the thumbnails below) not posted here on the website or my FB page


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Updated Wednesday, July 23, 2014 . . .

6/18/2014 Copied all Red Mallee available on Pages 30-34 to the RED MALLEE CURRENT INVENTORY page so you may view only what is currently available on a single (albeit very long) page. Posted CUTOFFS. Added CURRENT INVENTORY pages for SLABS, CUE BLANKS and KNIFE BLOCKS, SCALES and GUN GRIPS. Please see the QUICK LINKS below for direct links to the pages with burls from my 3 shipments thus far in 2014. 5/30/2104 Added Reel Seats HERE, Small-Medium Slabs HERE, Medium-Large Slabs HERE, Cue Blanks HERE and Knife Blocks HERE.

5/14/2014 Posted 9 great blocks of Sheoak HERE, 10 boards of Curly Jarrah HERE, and 6 Grasstree HERE. Also posted 3 extraordinary pre-sold Jarrah Burl slabs from 56 to 72" in diameter and some spectacular large  Red River Gum Burl slabs I had cut in April HERE.  I still have more to photograph and post . . .

4/16/2014 I've posted everything that I've posted on my Facebook site here on my website. Please see the QUICK LINKS below for direct links to the pages with new burls.  I still have more to photograph and post - 3 extraordinary Jarrah Burl slabs from 56 to 72" in diameter, some York Gum, Corrugata, Concinna and Salmon Gum Burl slabs, 3 huge Jarrah Burl caps, 9 great blocks of Sheoak, 10 boards of Curly Jarrah, 6 Grastree, and some carver burls.

4/8/2014 My next shipment is at the local warehouse. I'm awaiting delivery to start processing. Lots of great burls, including some rare burls like Salt Gum and Griffith's Grey Gum and some I've never had before, like Granite Rock Box and Snap and Rattle, about 250 or so Whopper Pods, slabs, bases, Lace Sheoak and more. I posted 243 lbs of CUTOFFS HERE

3/10/2014 10:37 PM The March 2014 Shipment has been posted. See the QUICK LINKS below to go straight to the pages with new items. On to publishing to FB so you can see larger pictures.

3/10/2014 My small shipment has arrived, been unloaded and been partly marked and photo'd. I'll be annotating and photographing the remainder today and will have the shipment posted today Monday, 10 March.  There are 69 Horistes, 28 Red Morrel, 2 Vasticola, 8 Aussie Snakewood Bases, 1 very rare Snappy Gum, an unusual Gimlet and 4 never before seen Cleland's Blackbutt, and a large block of Birdseye Curly Aussie Snakewood I'll be cutting.  I'll also post pictures of 2 burled mallee bases that I purchased for myself since I sold a base from my personal inventory earlier this year.

2/26/2014 I'm expecting my next shipment of Horistes Burl, Aussie Snakewood Bases, and other Goldfields Burls any day now. I also have a 5 crates and a large pallet of Goldfields Burls and hardwoods coming in early April.

2/11/2014 My first of 3 shipments this winter/spring is finally posted . . . Red Mallee, Brown Mallee, Yellow Box and a bit of Coolibah. I also have another whole crate of small Red Mallee (over 450 of them) to wash and process when I have time.

QUICK LINKS - 2014 Shipments


Corrugata Burl Page 31

Concinna Burl Page 10

Gimlet Burl Page 15

Griffith's Grey Gum Burl

Jarrah Burl Page 7

Miscellaneous Burls

Red Morrel Burl Page 21

Salt Gum Burl

Salmon Gum Burl Page 10

Slabs and Table Bases

Small-Medium Burl Slabs

Vasticola Burl Page 15

York Gum Burl Page 15

Yorrel Burl Page 13


Horistes Burl Page 17

Miscellaneous Burls

Red Morrel Burl Page 20

Vasticola Burl Page 14

Australian Snakewood Bases


Red Mallee Burl Page 30

Red Mallee Burl Page 31

Red Mallee Burl Page 32

Red Mallee Burl Page 33

Red Mallee Burl Page 34 (More to add)

Brown Mallee Burl Page 12

Brown Mallee Burl Page 13

Brown Mallee Burl Page 14

Red Coolibah Burl Slabs

Yellow Box Burl Page 6

12/8/2013 There is now a CUT BLOCKS CURRENT INVENTORY page. I need to make room for my incoming shipments . . . Check out the SPECIALS and AUSSIE HARDWOODS pages.

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Please see the my blog notes that follow for information about postings, what's coming soon, etc.

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If you only care to view burls that are currently available (and not pieces that are SOLD), please click on the CURRENT INVENTORY link for each species listed above or HERE for a Current Inventory Directory

Photo of my work I took for a profile I was asked to do for Woodturning magazine

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12/8/2013 There is now a CUT BLOCKS CURRENT INVENTORY page. I need to make room for my incoming shipments . . . Check out the SPECIALS and AUSSIE HARDWOODS pages.

11/26/2013 Prices have been added for COMING SOON 2 and all items Pre-SOLD annotated.

11/26/2013 I wish everyone safe travels and a Happy Thanksgiving! I posted the prices for COMING SOON 1.  Please see the notes. I posted the pictures for COMING SOON 2 (but have not yet listed the prices as I am leaving shortly for NY. It will not likely ship until the end of December as my suppliers are going to be away until 10 December. Upon their return, I'll choose from what my supplier harvested this past week and close out that order.

11/23/2013 Posted a bunch of SLABS I cut and sanded this last week and/or re-photographed since getting my Nikon back from being repaired. Love my iPhone, but the pictures don't compare to my Nikon. I have the pictures posted for COMING SOON 1 (but have not yet listed the prices), ETA 14 January 2014.  I'll try to have prices posted by Tuesday AM 11/26 so everyone can look over Thanksgiving.  Posting COMING SOON 2 will not take as long. I will try to do so before Thanksgiving. My supplier has just returned from his last trip of the season so I expect to close out that order and ship sometime in December for likely February 2014 delivery.

11/18/2013 Check out the SPECIALS. Have a bunch of slabs to sand and post tonight and tomorrow. Have been staying up until 2-3 AM most nights getting pictures ordered and ready to post for COMING SOON 1 . . . my other supplier is out harvesting agian in the Goldfields this week as the weather is ideal . . . I just about have COMING SOON 2 pictures ready to post.  I expect by late this week, all pictures of orders coming soon will be posted here to my website.

11/16/2013  Posted recently cut and/or sanded slabs HERE. Spent the afternoon at my sawyer's cutting caps and slabs too large for my band saw . . . pictures to follow. Also planed the last slab of Birdseye Sugar Gum and Curly Blackbutt boards. They'll all be posted to my FB page first (since my Nikon DSLR is out for repair for the 2nd time this year). LOTS going on. I've finalized one large shipment that leaves for the fumigator tomorrow and will ship in short order thereafter. I'm also finalizing a second order that won't be far behind. I've been reviewing, editing, formatting and organizing photos and administrative records (all the tedious but necessary behind-the-scenes stuff) for 2 months now. I'm just about ready to publish COMING SOON 1 and COMING SOON 2 to FB. I think you'll agree, there is some spectacular material on the way.

10/27/2013  Getting ready for the 2013 NC Woodturning this coming Friday in Greensboro. Updated the SMALL SLABS and SLABS AND TABLE BASES pages and the CURRENT INVENTORY pages for GIMLET, YORK GUM, CORRUGATA, YORREL, GIANT MALLE, JARRAH, RED MALLEE and VASTICOLA Burls. Lots of work following the Symposium to post all that I've committed to for two COMING SOON shipments

10/9/2013  Had some more slabs cut 9/30 but have been very busy with 2 shipments I'm working on, orders, sanding slabs, etc.  Finally had an opportunity to update my site.  I'll be happy when the new site I'm working on is ready to go live so I don't have to switch between OS X and Windows to update.  Lots that goes on behind the scenes.  Will be at the NC Symposium in Greensboro 1-3 November.

9/22/2013  Posted some pictures of burls I had slabbed on HERE and 2 Corrugata Burls I had trimmed (392/395) HERE  on 9/18

9/13/2013  Posted Dark Northern York Gum, York Gum and Yorrel Burl Cue Blanks HERE

8/29/2013  For th0se of you looking to see the new Giant Mallee, I just realized I failed to publish the page. The new burls from the AUG shipment are now posted. The AUSSIE HARDWOODS and Red Morrel Burl Current Inventory links have also been corrected.

8/22/2013  The August 2013 Burl and Hardwood Shipment is now posted here to the website (I have a few odds and ends to post like the Fluted Gimlet logs and Curly Jarrah that were all Pre-SOLD and a very rare Red Tingle Burl slab). It has been a long 2 weeks of processing and shipping, and though you'll notice I've sold a lot, I still have 2 full crates of great burls from this shipment. I've shipped $43K in orders this past week, so THANK YOU to all my loyal customers and those of you who may have ordered for the first time. I've already started on my next order. Expect to post pictures of items set aside (making them available for Pre-Sale) in the next few weeks.

Quick Links to AUGUST 2013 Shipment


















8/11/2013 The August 2013 Burl and Hardwood Shipment is posted to my FB page HERE. I am trying to balance getting everything posted and getting shipments out promptly. Because FB is quicker (and I can post larger pictures) I am now assembling shipments for delivery FedEx and shipment Monday AM.  I still have a few items like Lace Sheoak, Birdseye Sugar Gum, Birdseye Jarrah, Curly Jarrah and Curly Blackbutt to photo and post. hank you for your business and patience!

8/6/2013 For those who don't follow my FB page (which I always update first because I can do so easily from my iPhone), I stayed an extra day in NY because my sister had luxury box seats to the Mets-Royals game.  I picked the shipment up first thing Monday AM 5 August and have unloaded the 3 large crates and 1 large pallet and posted lots of pictures to my FB page.  It's a large shipment and I have over $37K in pre-sales to ship out, so I ask that you please bear with me. I will process as quickly as humanly possible so I can start shipping. Naturally, how quickly I'm able to do so is somewhat weather dependent. Today I am washing and measuring/marking the shipment.

 7/30/2013 I received word late today that my shipment arrived, but I will be out of town for a couple of days to celebrate my Dad and Uncle's (his twin brother) 85th birthday. I can assure you no one is  more anxious than I am to pick up, unload, process and ship this order so I can pay my debts, but some things in life are more important than business. I expect to be back to pick up the shipment Friday, 2 August and will process as quickly as is humanly possible so I can begin shipping pre-orders.

7/29/2013 I posted some great Red River Gum Burl slabs HERE. Still looking for a facility within a reasonable distance. If necessary, I will drive to Sheffield, MA in the Fall to a facility with a WM1000 with 68" throat capacity.

7/1/2013 I've added over 40 small to medium burl slabs HERE and to the Slabs album on my Facebook page.  I've also trimmed the oxidized chainsaw cut faces of some caps and re-photographed/re-posted them.

6/11/2013 My next shipment has departed and, after a brief stop, will be en route Los Angeles as of 16 June.  Lots of slabs added HERE.

5/16/2013 I've added some great Red Mallee and Yellow Box Burl Cut Blocks HERE and posted some slabs cut from RG-40 HERE. My supplier just returned from another harvesting trip.  I expect more pictures any day now . . .

5/4/2013 I've added more burls from the Summer 2013 Shipment to the Facebook page HERE and the COMING SOON page. This is going to be a very diverse shipment.

4/14/2013 The March 2013 Shipment is fully posted here on the website and HERE on the Facebook page.  Click on the Quick Links below to go straight to the starting pages for the species. From there, if you only want to see what is available, click on the CURRENT INVENTORY link for that species. 


Quick Links to March 2013 Shipment

Yellow Box Burl starts HERE

Red River Gum HERE

Coolibah Burl starts HERE

Brown Mallee Burl HERE

Red Mallee Burl starts HERE


Please see important notes and useful information in my blog that follow. . . keep scrolling, scrolling, scrolling . . .

2/3/2013 NEXT NEXT SHIPMENT has now been posted to both my Facebook site and the COMING SOON page HERE after the pictures of my shipment arriving in late FEB/early MAR.

1/28/2013 NEXT NEXT SHIPMENT . . . I've started another order with my main supplier.  My ETA is late MAY or early JUN.  For those on the Whopper Pod Waiting list, my supplier has about 30 kg set for me (about 30 nuts).  He also has some very rare Griffith's Grey Gum (Tom in MA has first crack as he's patiently waited on me for years), Dark Eye Corrugata and others set aside.  I'm waiting to see pictures soon of some spectacular Birdseye Sugar Gum slabs we also discussed last week and he set aside.  Because the temps this time of year are 110-120F, I don't expect him to be able to get some of the other burls I'm after like Vasticola, Red Morrel, York Gum, Black Morrel, Salmon Gum, Jarrah, Horistes, Gimlet and Concinna until late MAR or early APR.  Also hope to get more Birseye Lace Sheoak.

1/14/2013 NEXT SHIPMENT . . . Updated the COMING SOON page with pictures of much of the inbound shipment.  I was not able to price everything (and may be off on some I did price) as many of the supplier photos were blurry, but I sharpened the images a bit and you can see in most cases what you need to see. I'll post to FB tomorrow.

1/8/2013 NEXT SHIPMENT . . . I've finished an order of some spectacular large Red River Gum, Red Mallee, Yellow Box, Red Coolibah and a bit of Brown Mallee. It ships 13 JAN with an ETA Norfolk, VA of 23 FEB (I'd guess early MAR, but we'll see) . . . I've posted some pictures on my AUSTRALIANBURLS.COM FACEBOOK PAGE and will post more here as well if/when I have good pictures available. The breakdown is as follows:

1146 kg LARGE Red Gum (See the COMING SOON Page)

647.7 kg Yellow Box

966.3 kg Red Mallee

831.7 kg Red Coolibah

40.1 kg Brown Mallee

I'm also waiting on pictures to start another order of York Gum, Salmon Gum, Red Morrel, Vasticola, Corrugata, Gimlet, Yorrel and whatever else may be available . . .

12/19/2012 I updated the COMING SOON page . . . Finishing assembling one order and working on another

11/30/2012 I re-listed for sale 18 cue blanks (including 6 Rosewood Burl) HERE and several knife blocks/scales (including 2 Rosewood Burl) due to a very good customer's unfortunate job loss HERE

11/15/2012 There are still plenty of Rosewood Burl Slab Sets, Knife Blocks and Scales HERE, and 5 lots of Rosewood Burl Pen Blanks.  You may also view the Rosewood Burl HERE on my Facebook page.







9/1/2012 I apologize for the lengthy delays in getting this shipment processed and posted.  Those of you who follow on Facebook know some of the reasons for the delay.  As of 0600 Saturday, 1 September, the full shipment (minus the Lace Sheoak) has been posted to my Facebook page and here on the website. Follow the Quick Links immediately below to go straight to the pages on which I've posted the shipment:

Salmon Gum Burl Page 10

Vasticola Burl Page 13

York Gum Burl Page 13

Yorrel Burl Page 12

Gimlet Burl Page 14

Red Morrel Burl Page 19

Jarrah Burl Page 7

Corrugata Burl Page 29

Giant Mallee Page 4

Small Slabs


Small Burls

Aussie Redwood Burl Page 2

Banksia Pods


Concinna Burl Page 8

8/23/2012 My new shipment arrived yesterday afternoon the 22nd at the local warehouse. I'll be on my way to pick up both crates after I update this page. The time it takes me to process the shipment, photograph, post to my website and Facebook, and start shipping pre-orders, depends a bit on the weather. For now the forecast looks okay through the weekend (except for Friday). I will post some pictures on my AUSTRALIANBURLS.COM FACEBOOK PAGE as I proceed since I can do so quickly via my iPhone. I will also post updates on Facebook (and here as well when I'm able) as to what I've posted or plan to post (and when) so everyone has the same opportunity to purchase what has not been pre-sold. Hopefully, I'll be able to start shipping by Monday or Tuesday.

8/8/2012 My next shipment arrived in LA on the 3rd and should be on its way shortly by rail to New York with an ETA of 14 AUGUST.  I expect to have it in hand around 20-22 AUGUST plus or minus a few days. I posted all the burls I've committed to for my next shipment (as of 5/24) on my AUSTRALIANBURLS.COM FACEBOOK PAGE and on the COMING SOON page.

6/1/2012 Newly cut burl blocks posted on CUT BLOCKS PAGE 10,  CUT BLOCKS PAGE 5, and the  CUTOFFS PAGE



Sample pics of my AUG 2012 Shipment

5/9/2012 I'm starting to assemble my next shipment. It will not be quite as large as the FEB shipment but what I do select, I can assure you will be a variety of top quality burls and hardwoods, as always.  If you have specific requests, please let me know.  I'll post pictures of burls as I commit to buy, making them available for pre-sale HERE. My next commitment is not until mid-September for the Virginia Woodturning Symposium.  In the interim, I'll be cutting some big burls and smaller ones to move some inventory and make room for the next shipment.

4/4/2012 I've posted a dozen new Dark Eye York Gum Burl Pool Cue Blanks on the POOL CUE BLANKS AND TURNING SQUARES PAGE.  There are newly cut burl blocks posted on CUT BLOCKS PAGE 10 (Miscellaneous Burl Blocks).  Posted more York Gum Burl, Jarrah Burl, Red Box Burl and Bimblebox Burl Cut Blocks to the Cut Blocks Pages 2, 5 and 10. Also posted more great York Gum Burl Cue Blanks and Turning Squares to the POOL CUE BLANKS AND TURNING SQUARES PAGE.


Lace Sheoak and Birdseye Lace Sheoak Figure

QUICK LINKS . . . Click on the links below to go straight to the pages where the new burls have been posted . . . Remember, you can always just click on the CURRENT INVENTORY link for any species to see just the burls currently available.

Corrugata Burl Page 28                     Vasticola Burl Page 12                                Jarrah Burl Page 6

York Gum Burl Page 12                        Wandoo Burl                                                  Redwood Burl Page 2

Giant Mallee Burl Page 4                   Concinna Burl Page 8 (ALL PRE-SOLD)        YorreL Burl Page 11

Lace and B/E Lace Sheoak                   Grasstree                                                      Red Morrel Burl Page 18

Gimlet Burl Page 13                              Salmon Gum Burl Page 9                             Slabs                                                            

If you've not done so already, please check out my AUSTRALIANBURLS.COM FACEBOOK PAGE

ATTENTION CLUB MEMBERS!!! . . . my FREE SHIPPING OFFER applies for clubs as well as individuals and businesses. 


Lots of pieces and pictures added to the Pool Cue and Turning Squares, Cut Blocks Page 10, Fly Reel Seats and Knife Blocks, Scales and Gun Grips Pages . . . and more to photograph and post.

Scroll down past the pictures below to the tabs for the individual burl page tabs

Spectacular Bimblebox Slabs cut for Cue Blanks SOLD

York Gum Burl

Red Mallee Burl SOLD

Red Mallee Burl SOLD

Latest shipment - January 2011 - pictures start on Red Mallee Burl Page 15 (thru Page 26) and Yellow Box Burl Page 3

Need a better picture of a particular burl(s)/hardwood(s) to make a purchase decision?  Just ask for a video and I'll shoot a quick clip with my iPhone 4 and email it to you.  All you'll need to view it is QuickTime, which, if you don't already have it, is a free download.  Or, if you have an iPhone 4, give me a ring, click on FaceTime, and (assuming I'm home and we're both on Wi-Fi networks) we can chat live and I'll feed you a live video of the piece(s) you're considering.



Black Gidgee  SOLD



Be sure to check the SPECIALS

Also, be sure to see (and check back frequently) the COMING SOON page to see some of the spectacular Aussie Burls/Hardwoods on hold for me with my suppliers an/or coming soon. All items on the COMING SOON page are available for Pre-Sale with no money down. 


Part of my more than 3,500 lbs of Easter Weekend 2008 Shipments (and my Packer/Shipper)

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